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It gives me immense pleasure that you showed a trust in us and embraced our expertise in foreign education. I would like to assure you that you have made one of the wisest decision of your life by choosing us. Our philosophy from the very beginning has always been to guide our students in best possible way and by giving them unbiased information. We are proud of our students who have been able to get admission in some of the best known universities around the world . This has only been possible by students dreams and with our expert guidance as said by our students as a compliment to us.

I am responsible for the marketing issues of Take Me Away Education Consultancy, I look after the prospective markets and student base. I feel very happy to share that under my marketing tenure, our consultancy has been able reach New market opportunities which were very hard to realize in practice. I have one marketing philosophy from the very start that we should do unbiased marketing when it comes to reach and address our students. I feel very close to the issue of the students so I always make sure that the students never get any unbiased or partial information in the process of marketing. I have seen lot of students getting frustrated by the fact that they received partial or biased information about the university and study conditions in the concerned country , and they get up ending less or nowhere what they initially expected. This is happening because of the fact that many consultancy market foreign universities on false basis , giving unreliable information to the students about the conditions and programs in the foreign universities. I am personally against of this marketing tactic that most of the other consultancies are playing now as days , due to this large number of students’ dreams are getting crushed and students never achieve their dreams of studying in foreign universities come true. What I suggest students is that they should always look the credibility of the claim done by other consultancies very carefully, especially marketing schemes should not be believed by students without proper evidence. In Take Me Away Education Consultancy, I assure you that you can rest hundred percent secured about our marketing claims and you get the most transparent marketing claims that you can ever expect to experience in the consultancy world of our country.

So come and experience a whole new level of counselling and transparent marketing that you can ever experience in the valley. We claim to have been delivering one of the best education and counselling service about foreign education in the market with one of the most transparent marketing claims.

I wish you all the very best for your future.


Manish Shrestha (MBA)

Marketing Director/Counselor

Take Me Away Education Consultancy

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