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It feels very amazing that in so much less time we have received such immense love and support from our students and their parents. This has only been possible by our students’ confidence in our expertise about foreign education. We have managed to open four branches and we plan to open more in the coming future. On  this note we would like to thanks our loving students and their parents for the believe they had upon us. We have seen so much growth in our business in such less time, this shows the expertise that we possess when it comes to guiding our students about foreign education.

Speaking Furthermore, we provide some of the best preparation classes inside the Valley. Our IELTS classes are widely recognized to be one of the elite inside the market. From counselling to visa guidance and from selection of universities and colleges to the admission process of students, we always make sure to provide our students with one of the best service and we also make it mandatory to help our students in whichever steps they get problems, so that students build the best possible documents and supporting evidences which then ensures the high visa success rates of our students. My Dream is always to make sure that my students get the best possible experience they can ever imagine, to provide them with the most transparent counselling sessions and information . You have so many possible choices when it comes to consultancy and counselling services but we guarantee you that you will have an experience far more unique than at the others.

I personally believe that learning is an art and foreign education connects those  dots of our dreams into reality. I am personally very passionate about teaching and education because I share a teaching background myself and thus I personally get very much attached by students’ dreams of studying abroad. I believe studying abroad can be the most turning point of you life and career as you get so many new ideas and great education from abroad. So you receive endless opportunities in your way by learning at abroad universities. We have managed to have been in collaboration with so many foreign government universities and colleges and this ensures that our students can get the best possible education to enhance their career prospects.

So do give us a visit at Take Me Away Education consultancy and discover the endless opportunities that you can achieve with us .

I wish you a very fulfilling career in your life.


Indra Pokhrel (MA, M.Phil )

Managing Director

Take Me Away Education Consultancy

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