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Licensing in UAE



Dubai Health authority (DHA) issues license for all healthcare professionals who wish to work in hospitals and clinics in Dubai. A rising demand for qualitative healthcare, increasing population, increasing in prevalence of lifestyle disease and the introduction of compulsory health insurance by companies is creating a demand for more nurses.

To work in Dubai as a nurse, you must register with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) which is the regulatory agency for all health professionals in the health industry. Employers in Dubai offer the following incentives in order to attract qualified nurses:

– Free accommodation/ housing allowance.

– Travel allowance (free flight to your country)

– Relocation allowance.

– Dental, health and life insurance.

– 40 days paid leave for nurses employed on full time basis

– Tax free income

– Education allowance for accompany children.

-Higher salary, starting at 5000 Dirham

Note however that most jobs in this city will demand you work for 48 hours per week as against 40 hours in most part of the world.

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities of the world and is ranked well for the ease of living. If you are a nurse, you can have a rewarding career in Dubai. The pay is good and a balanced work culture is guaranteed. It is your opportunity to save money if you like since there is literally no tax on your pay. In western countries also the pay is good for nurses, but tax usually takes a big cut in her salary, say sometimes up to 40 percentages

Documents Required   for DHA Nursing Registration

  • All academic nursing certificate
  • At least two years’ experience certificate by Human Resources, Nursing or from a Medical Director
  • Nursing Registration Certificate
  • Good standing Certificate from the Licensing authority
  • Passport Copy
  • BLS Certificate
  • One color Passport size Photo with white background

Health Professional Categories:

             Physicians (Consultant / Specialist / Medical Practitioner)

             Dentistry (Consultant / Specialist / GP Dentist)

             Pharmacy

             Nursing / Midwifery

             Allied Health

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