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Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Estonia is a developed country with an advanced, high-income economy that as of 2011 is among the fastest growing in the EU. Its Human Development Index ranks very highly, and it performs favorably in measurements of economic freedomcivil liberties and press freedom (3rd in the world in 2012 and 2007). The 2015 PISA test places Estonian high school students 3rd in the world, behind Singapore and Japan. Citizens of Estonia are provided with universal health care, free education and the longest paid maternity leave in the OECD. Since independence the country has rapidly developed its IT sector, becoming one of the world’s most digitally advanced societies.


Academic higher education in Estonia is divided into three levels: bachelor’s studies, master’s studies, and doctoral studies. In some specialties (basic medical studies, veterinary, pharmacy, dentistry, architect-engineer and a classroom teacher program) the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels are integrated into one unit.


Generally the tuition fees vary from 1023 EUR (16 000 EEK) to 6730 EUR (105 000 EEK) per year.

But the cost may differ according to university and program.

Ease of Processing:

Visa processing and admission are very easy in Estonia, you do not require any extra effort. Admission letter comes in a very short span of time and you do not need to have very high percentage of marks to get admission in the Universities of Estonia.

Culture and People:

Estonians have a very egalitarian type culture, so they believe in equality. Estonians are very peaceful and love to grow along others. They encourage togetherness and collectiveness. So, as an International student, you will not feel lonely in Estonia.


Estonia is considered to be a high income economy and due to its rapid growth, it is often described as Baltic tiger. Estonia has transformed to a big income economy due to rapid developments in the field of I.T. and Science.

Language Requirement:

  • IELTS required

Admission Intakes:

  • Jan/Feb
  • October/November

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