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Do you want your dream come true of studying in abroad ?
Education is the right of everyone so our mission is to support those who are eligible and interested one to study in different countries.We shall continuously expand our business not only in Nepal but also in other countries.

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The journey that we started has not been easy to make  Take Me Away Education Consultancy but, the journey has been a very fruitful one. We now boast as being one of the best consultancy group in Nepal, and surely the leading consultancy group for European education, we boast solid branch presence with many branch offices in Nepal till now and we still are on the process of expansion, with each new branch opening within short span of three to four months. We provide custom designed assistances, study abroad programs, language classes and preparation classes to our students because we know that different individuals have different potentials, so we work to build that different potentials of our students by providing individually designed assistances.

We believe in the force of Globalization and we also acknowledge that with globalization comes the advanced opportunity of globally recognized education. There are many factors that contribute towards the choice of studying abroad: Quality, World recognized degrees; job market ready degrees; internship opportunities in some of the multinational and foreign national companies, University’s placement services, welcoming multicultural society and quality life style in a safe environment.

Destinations like USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe have always been popular for its study programs and wide ranges of courses to choose from.

Language proficiency tests like PTE-A, TOEFL, IELTS and aptitude tests like SAT, GRE and GMAT are very crucial in determining the admission chances of students in top and big university names. Also, documentation and paper works are very important part in the admission chances and the visa success rates. This is why we at the Take Me Away Education consultancy guide you through the crucial stages of test preparations and help you to build a strong document and paper work foundation, so that your chance of getting admission into a good university/college, and your Visa success rate gets higher. Our admission fees are some of the most affordable provided by any other education consultancies in Nepal because of the partnership we have done with many of the major government/public universities of abroad.

With highly qualified and recognized counselors, guides, instructors, and staffs, here, in Take Me Away Education Consultancy, you will get the best possible and transparent counseling service of the major study destinations of the world. We are sure that our expertise in abroad study processing with your dreams and hard work can make you touch the apex of your life and career.


  • To make a strong impact in the consultancy business sector in Nepal.
  • To grow our business on the true base by providing fully transparent guidelines and assistantships to our students.


  • To provide proper counseling, documentation, language skill, Cultural exchange of desired country, administrative and technical support to the aspiring potential candidates willing to study in different world ranked universities& colleges in the world.
  • To work jointly with the National and International educational institutions so as to contribute in National building through various programs.
  • To work as a Consultant for education services both inside and outside of Nepal.
  • To bring awareness on society by lunching various programs i.e. seminar, education fare, workshop and other academic activities.
  • To provide result oriented visa preparation class to those willing to study in different universities in the world.

Our consultancy will take care of your study