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English Language Class

In today’s global context, one cannot escape the strong influence of English. Learning English is not just a mere choice ,rather it is an utmost necessity. English is now the global language and business language too. This is the reason why many European universities and Chinese universities are now offering their degree programs in English language as well.

We want our students to take English as their own language and to take it in a very fun way. We want to groom Nepali youths in such a way that they can make conversations in English very confidently even with the natives. We believe learning English can make every individual to grow their confidence and this can make them to achieve great heights in their career as well.

We focus mainly on the spoken aspect of English in our consultancy, as we believe that only giving grammar notes won’t help our students. We have initiated more speaking and talk sessions in our classes which ensures the real learning.

So, get alive in our English classes, make and feel a difference in your speaking skills and in your overall confidence level.

Best of Luck!!!!!!

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