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Much appreciation from our team of TMA Tinkune that you pose an interest in our Consultancy. Now a days there is a rapid trend in our country where everyone wants to go abroad for his/her further education. However, in our consultancy business of Nepal, due to this reason, people are getting very unfair treatment because of the factor that many Nepal youths don’t get sufficient information about studying abroad. This makes students to end up getting very less picture than students had previously expected, and due to this reason consultancy business is seen with such doubtful eyes in our country. What we guarantee to you is that  in our consultancy you will get every detailed information about studying abroad, life at abroad, all the necessary information on visa processing etc. We make sure that Every student who comes to us gets complete and transparent information about the particular country and all the information about visa related queries. We at Take Me Away Education Consultancy Tinkune , provide you one of the best Japanese language classes inside the Valley. Our Teachers are well experienced in Japanese language teaching, with more than 7-8years of teaching experience in this field. We pose expertise in Japanese and Korean education, apart from this , we also apply students in various countries like Australia , New Zealand, USA, Europe and various other countries. In Japanese classes, you will get the best possible study materials to enhance your Japanese language skills, you will be open to weekly mock test , which will ensure that you are going on the right track. Our Japanese classes are very crafted and we make sure that not a single student gets left out . Apart from this, we also provide you with some of the best IELTS classes in the town, so that you get the best possible band score in IELTS exam.

Come to us and we guarantee you that you will feel the Difference in our approach of foreign education. Our very much experienced approach towards foreign education will surely take you towards your dream that you have always wanted to achieve. Rest assured to get 100% of guidance at all stages of processing while you connect with us , and counselling transparency is what we support .

So come and feel the total difference with us at Take Me Away Education Consultancy at Tinkune , you surely will not be disappointed.

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