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Resham Bhattarai

Welcome and very much appreciated that you chose us to be a part of us . We , the team of TMA thamel, are glad that you believe us and showed faith on us for your foreign education dream. We assure you that you are in right hands. At Take Me Away Education Consultancy Thamel, you will get to have a fine art building, teachers who teach with the best technology available in the market, the latest information about the changes in Visa terms Angus conditions , above all. Alike our other branches, we at TMA Thamel also believe in the transparency of counselling sessions. We give you 100% guidance till the time you don’t get your Visa , from every steps of applying to college , working and making your documents to you Visa process, feel free we have covered you till there

We apply in almost all parts of the world. Australia, USA, Europe are our expertise when it comes to selection of college and applying to it . We have partnered with many governmental and public universities of foreign and especially of Europe to make you get the authentic and genuine education that you have always dreamed of. We provide you with some of the best language and IELTS classes in the town. We believe that everyone of our students deserve to get to the place where they have aspired to reach and the best way to reach that goal is by getting a foreign education. Foreign  education has several advantage that easily beat our home’s education, you will get a chance to embrace the diversity that world has to provide, you will expand your intuitive and social horizon by getting involved with new people, you get to have some of the most prestigious degrees of the world, you will have the opportunity to land a job in multinational corporations and where you will earn the maximum potential of yourself. So, opportunities are many when it comes to foreign education. We want our students to get the best possible education ,this is Why we have partnered with so many good universities from around the world .

I personally am responsible for the day to day operations of TMA Thamel , and I ensure you that you will get the best possible guidance on foreign education from us. Our counsellors are very experienced and highly certified in their area. We make your dream come true in Take Me Away Education Consultancy and we are experts when it comes to visa guidance and processing guidance, whatever information you receive from us is truly authentic and genuine. We at TMA Thamel help you at every stages of processing so that you never go wrong in any step and your chance of getting Visa increases.


So, give us a visit at TMA Thamel, it’s high time of getting your foreign education dream come true


Resham Bhattarai

Manager , TMA Thamel

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